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Katalin Rényi



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“Believing in what is beyond the rational – that is to say, in miracles – and choosing this belief, or faith, as the objective of artistic expression must be more than a mere whim; something like that can only work if it is one’s vocation, one’s life calling. And that is certainly the case with Katalin Rényi.“

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21 grams

Budapest – Rome – Paris – Vienna – Berlin – Brussels – Moscow

2018 – 2020



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“In Rényi’s artistic universe, the human being that exists in the body is no crown of creation, but a being subjugated to God – an interesting speck of dust. The beauty of human beings is ephemeral, their strength is relative. They lose their bloom, like flowers; they turn yellow and brown, like autumn wheat. The inspired quality of Katalin Rényi’s art originates from this humble acknowledgement – and, without exception, always leads us back to the sacred. To the soul, which, in this vain human world, only amounts to 21 grams – but is, nonetheless, overly burdensome for many.“

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“In each and every case, Rényi’s work points beyond the material world. This is a question of artistic faith and choice.“

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“We can accompany the artist on her inner journey, and experience how she incorporates her ever-renewing energies and intense emotions her works, rendering them dynamic units of birth/creation and death/transformation.”

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“While the flesh belongs to an ephemeral earthly existence and the mind is the medium of transcendence, the soul makes it possible for the former two components to manifest together as the self. In this sense, the soul is life itself.”

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